Monday, November 23, 2009

Elegance Wine Goblets Pair

A lovely, simple pair of wine goblets that look almost brand new! No decoration, no pattern, no engraving or monograms. Just loveliness. I have cleaned one and the back one was not cleaned. Can do so before shipping for you.
Standing 7,1/4 " tall and the mouth is 3,1/2" across. Marked on the bottom: Elegance EPNS 1101A.


To Purchase, just email us at:
Send us your zip code or postal code and we will email back shipping costs. Unless requested, we ship ground mail with mandatory insurance.
You can still use PayPal to purchase and pay with a credit card. Email & we'll send you a PayPal invoice.
All descriptions are to the best of our ability. All pieces are used and will show signs of age and use. We will disclose any obvious defects or damage.


  1. Thanks so much for coming by my place tonight..hope you come again soon..
    My blooming flowers were brought inside before our first freeze or else they would be dead as a doornail....:O)

  2. Thanks for your comment bj. Your Blog is always so pretty!

  3. I just read your comment over at Queen Mamaw's about your mom and movies. I had to come over and say that I'll bet your mom and I are about the same age. O, those movies...the musicals...were just breattaking. I would see one, go home and make my poor little mama try to fix my hair like they were wearing in the movies..then, I'd sing and dance for a solid week...never knowing, for even one second, that I couldn't carry a tune, AT ALL, and I am pretty sure I wasn't that great at dancing, either. :O)
    O, but how fun they were to watch...I am sure your little mama acted out those movies...just like I did. You are so blessed to have a journal she kept. I have a DEAR DIARY from my teen years but it is just full of "O, Dear Diary..I am soooo in love with______ and then, on the very next page, "O, I am so in love with ___ and it would be a totally different boy. hahaaa...I was so so SO boy crazy!
    Well, thanks for letting me tell you about some of my memories...
    Happy Thanksgiving, bj

  4. Wow! The difference between the clean goblet and the tarnished one is like night and day!